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Hybrid car servicing and repair in Manchester


As you no doubt have noticed, the once empty electric parking stations are now filling up, as increasing numbers of consumers are cashing in on the savings available by going green. As a result we are also noticing more and more hybrid and electric vehicles coming through our doors.

Here at Lodge we have anticipated this shift in the market, hence the reason we have already invested heavily in training and diagnostic equipment, in order to continue to provide services to both existing and new clients should they decide to follow this trend.

A common misconception is that only a main dealer can look after these vehicles, this of course is not the case and our clients can still benefit from the usual Lodge quality service for their electric & hybrid vehicles, without the main dealer price tag. By choosing Lodge, you can be confident that your warranty will not be invalidated.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment and tools on site, so you can be sure your hybrid or electric vehicle is in safe hands. We can cater for servicing, repairs, diagnostics and more in depth fault finding. Our technicians receive regular in house and out of house training on hybrid/electric vehicle systems and all hold an IMI Qualification, again to assure you that your vehicle is in safe hands.







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Specifically Trained for Hybrids

Why Train for hybrids

All our vehicle repair technicians have attend IMI  training before  servicing or repairing any hybrid or electric vehicle, given the safety critical procedures that must be adhered to during maintenance. Workshop staff and technicians require a complete awareness of the risks and hazards associated with HEVs and must follow the recommended safety measures required during maintenance. This is essential, not just for the safety of the technician, but any employees or customers who may come into contact with the vehicle whilst in the workshop.

Safety First

Our training enables us to identify high voltage components on the vehicle and the dangers they present. Understand safe maintenance and repair methods when working on hybrid vehicles and to ensure the vehicle is safe to work on before routine service procedures are carried out.

Computerised customer reminders 

Our new computerised system is now up and running, this enables us to contact customers by email, text or phone to send reminders or to alert them that their car is ready, the system also tracks the progress of work in the workshop giving us accurate estimates of job time completion and status.

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